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    Download the APK here.

    We are all sensitive people . And our game has sensitive cameras. So to connect both in harmony, we have created a “Camera Sensitivity” adjustment slider in the Settings menu (under “Options”). Slide it all the way down to chill out and take your time, or crank that thing up to spin the cube around like a crazy person.

    Challenging your opponent to a rematch game will now use the same powerups that were picked for your original game. If you want to play with different powerups, create a new game instead.

    And finally for this week, the games list will now automatically refresh when you return to Tic Tac Cubed after using some other not-as-cool app.


    • Added “Camera Sensitivity” under Settings > Options
    • Rematch games will remember the previous game’s powerup choices
    • Games list will automatically refresh when waking up from background mode

    -- Nhathy + Dino

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