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    Please note, this post will be continuously updated with the current game’s features. (Last updated: 3/11/2014)

    The game won’t install!

    First of all, that’s not a question.
    Secondly, we have install instructions located here:
    Still having trouble? Please contact us here.

    What’s the difference between “Pass and Play” and “Multiplayer”?

    • Pass and Play – Play with someone next to you. Currently, Pass and Play mode does not support Powerups.
    • Multiplayer – Play with a random person online

    How can I win?

    Get three in a row on any side of the cube.

    What are power ups?

    Power ups are currently only enabled in Multiplayer mode and there are only two power ups available: Each power up can only be used once per game.

    Level 1 Ice Powerup Level 1 Ice
    Temporarily disable a row of active cubes for 3 turns.
    Level 2 Ice Powerup Level 2 Ice
    Temporarily disable active corner cubes for 3 turns.
    ttc-ice-3-powerup Level 3 Ice
    Temporarily disable active cubes on 1 side of the whole cube (affects 9 cubes) for 3 turns.
    Level 1 Earth Powerup Level 1 Earth
    Disable a row of active cubes for the rest of game.
    Level 2 Earth Powerup Level 2 Earth
    Disable active corner cubes for the rest of the game.
    ttc-earth-3-powerup Level 3 Earth
    Disable active cubes on 1 side of the whole cube for the rest of the game.
    Level 1 Fire Powerup Level 1 Fire
    Clear a row of cubes. Cannot clear Earth.
    Level 2 Fire Powerup Level 2 Fire
    Clear 1 side of the whole cube (affects 9 cubes). Cannot clear Earth.
    ttc-fire-3-powerup.png Level 3 Fire
    Clears the whole cube. Cannot clear Earth.

    To use the Level 3 Ice Powerup, the Level 3 Earth Powerup, or the Level 2 Fire Powerup, you must select the center cube of one of the sides.

    Tic Tac Cubed - Side Selection

    Something’s wrong/broken! What should I do?

    Read how to report a bug here:

    Check to make sure the bug you found doesn’t already exist. If it doesn’t, create a new topic for your bug at the forums here:

    Or you can fill out the form located here (but we’d rather you use the forums):

    Is there a question that’s not answered here? Reply to this post or email us at

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    -- Nhathy + Dino

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