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    Because the game is in beta, we are not distributing it through the Google App store. In order to install the game, make sure your device allows for unknown sources. To do this:

    1. Go to Settings > Security
    2. Uncheck “Unknown sources”

    To read more about unknown sources, go here:

    Once you have done this, there are two methods you can use to install the APK.

    Method 1 (easiest method):

    1. Open the URL of the .APK file on your Android device. It should automatically start downloading. You should see the status of the download in your notifications bar.
    2. Open “Downloads” from your apps drawer
    3. Select the downloaded .APK
    4. A prompt should popup giving you a choice to install.
    5. Hit “Install”

    Method 2

    1. Save the .APK onto your computer.
    2. Connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable.
    3. Move or copy the .APK from your computer to your device.
    4. Using a file browser on your Android device, locate and open the .APK.
    5. When it prompts you, hit “Install”

    If you’re have any questions or trouble installing just email us at¬†and we will help you out.

    -- Nhathy + Dino

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