Quick(ish) update


So here’s what happened… Comic Con, DragonCon, work, birthdays, roommates, work, music stuff, podcast stuff, video game stuff, Thanksgiving, work, 3D Printer, Christmas, New Years, work. Not necessarily in that order, but probably mostly in that order. We’ve had a long break from Tic Tac Cubed for these busy reasons, but have recently jumped back into […]

Beta Build 0.2.01


We know sometimes people forget things. We forget things all the time! So now you can reset your password if you’ve forgotten it.

Beta Build 0.2.0


Yes you read that correctly. We went up to 0.2. ZERO POINT TWO! What does that mean? That means we have more than just bug fixes this time around. Naughty Dino Games proudly introduces…FIRE POWERUPS!!! Wheeeee~!!! Level 1 Fire PowerupClear a row of cubes. Cannot clear Earth cubes. Level 2 Fire PowerupClear 1 side of […]

Happy Holidays!


We know we’re late, but all both of us at Naughty Dino Games would like to wish all of you a very happy holiday!  

Beta Build 0.1.06


The new build is available! We’ve reworked the level 1 powerups so that you can select an entire row instead of just one cube.

Extra Life


The entire company (all two of us) is participating in Extra Life, a worldwide 24-hour gaming marathon to help raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. They treat thousands of children each year, regardless of the family’s financial ability. These kids face scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries from accidents. The main event […]

In Memory


It is with great sadness that we must inform you that Joe Hinkins has passed away. Joe was a fantastic member of our team, and dedicated many hours to our company and community. Our sincerest wishes go out to his family and friends. May he rest in peace. In memory of Joseph James Hinkins, 1984 […]

Gee Golly! You’re making us blush.


We’re not even out of beta and we’ve already got people talking about Tic Tac Cubed! We had a spike of users sign up for the beta and we were racking our brains on trying to figure out why! Then, we stumbled on this feature that xda developers posted about us and to say we […]

Someone Has Joined Your Party!


We have added a new member to the party… I mean, company! “Communi T-Rex”!

Tic Tac Cubed / Beta


Dear People of the Internet, our first title is official — Tic Tac Cubed!



Things are moving. Code is being written. Legal paperwork is being… legalized. We are very excited here at Naughty Dino Games.