Beta Build 0.2.0


Yes you read that correctly. We went up to 0.2. ZERO POINT TWO! What does that mean? That means we have more than just bug fixes this time around.

Naughty Dino Games proudly introduces…FIRE POWERUPS!!! Wheeeee~!!!

Level 1 Fire Powerup

Level 1 Fire PowerupClear a row of cubes. Cannot clear Earth cubes.

Level 2 Fire Powerup

Level 2 Fire PowerupClear 1 side of the whole cube (affects 9 cubes). Cannot clear Earth cubes.

To use the Level 2 Fire Powerup, you must select the center cube of one of the sides.

Tic Tac Cubed - Side Selection

Does this change everything?! We hope it does. Head over to the forums for a full change log and let us know what you think!