Quick(ish) update


So here’s what happened…

Comic Con, DragonCon, work, birthdays, roommates, work, music stuff, podcast stuff, video game stuff, Thanksgiving, work, 3D Printer, Christmas, New Years, work. Not necessarily in that order, but probably mostly in that order.

We’ve had a long break from Tic Tac Cubed for these busy┬áreasons, but have recently jumped back into the groove to lay down our launch plans. We have a hefty list if items that need to be taken care of, which includes quite a few more beta builds. They will most likely be a little more spread out than they were before, but this means that each one will contain more significant changes.

We’ve also been planning a couple of future games, but I’m not going to say anything other than that, because secrets.

That’s all for now.